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Living in Louisville, KY

Living in Louisville, KY

Sitting along the Ohio River is the modern metropolitan area of Louisville, KY! Home to the Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville Slugger Museum, and more, residents and visitors alike are treated to unique and fun experiences all throughout the city. Locally owned restaurants and coffee shops make Lousiville a cultural destination, sporting Kentucky bourbon, produce, meat, and dairy products for all to enjoy.

There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do and places to visit while you are living in Louisville. Living at Preston Oaks Apartments gives you easy and quick access to the bustling city of Louisville, so check out our list of top 10 places and restaurants that you'll fall in love with.


The Kentucky Derby Museum is an American thoroughbred horse racing museum located on the notorious grounds of Churchill Downs. Opened in 1985, the Kentucky Derby Museum displays the greatest races and steeds of the racing community. Learn about the complex process of finding, training, and racing some of the most infamous horses in history! The Kentucky Derby has a 360-degree theatre showcasing the racing and emotions of the great Kentucky Derby. Visit today as they are open year-round.

  704 Central Ave, Louisville, KY, 40208

Louisville Slugger has been in business for over 135 years, their bats have been used by the best of the best. See what goes into the making of 1.8 million bats per year at the Louisville Slugger Museum Factory. This museum is not only for baseball fans alike, the machinery and evolution of Louisville Slugger are what makes this visit so unique. Take a tour to see how the process has changed since Louisville Slugger made their first professional bat back in 1884.

 800 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202

With four different touring options, there is something for everyone at The Copper & Kings Distillery. Learn about the formulas and processes behind the smooth tastes of Copper & Kings absinthe. Rock the Garden tour will show you how Copper & Kings recycles, reuse, and reduce its carbon footprint with the use of solar panels, salvaged materials, and more! You will get to taste some of the finest American brandy this country has to offer in one of the best environments in Louisville, Kentucky. Don’t miss out on the skyline views of downtown Louisville during the Louisville Rocks tour where you will enjoy rooftop tasting in Butchertown.

 1121 E Washington St, Louisville, KY 40206

The Big Four Bridge is the link between two great cities and lightens up the sky with its décor and beauty. Enjoy a sunshiny day or a night out in either Jeffersonville or Louisville and appreciate spectacular views of The Big Four Bridge and the Louisville Skyline. The Big Four Bridge was originally built to be a railroad truss crossing to connect Louisville and Jeffersonville over the Ohio River. In 2014, it was converted for pedestrian and bicycle use. Walk the bridge and the waterfront attractions for a relaxing day/night. Stop by the Lincoln Memorial at Louisville Waterfront Park and learn about some of the most historical moments on a beautiful, sunny day. Or sit and take in a picturesque Louisville sunset.

 1101 River Rd, Louisville, KY, 40202

The Louisville Zoo, also known as Louisville Zoological Garden, is your hub to view and interact with over 1,700 different animals and species. With over 134 acres of space, you can find some of your favorite animals living in environments simulating their natural habitats. Make sure to visit your northern friends and watch the penguins slide and swim around at the Glacier Run exhibit, or hang out with some furry brutes at the Gorilla Forest exhibit. Louisville has fun for the whole family and supports a great cause by giving homes to many endangered species. Be a part of their mission “To better the bond between the people and our planet”.

 3015 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40208





Holy Smokes do they have good BBQ, get your classic Kentucky BBQ flavors here. Known for the best wings in Louisville, you have to try the Brown Sugar wings at Holy Smokes. They have classic BBQ options and sides that will fulfill the savory tastes you’ve been craving. From pulled pork to charbroiled burgers, Holy Smokes will cook your meal to perfection. Reasonably priced, Holy Smokes is a stipend for Louisville BBQ. Open for lunch and dinners, make sure to stop by and take advantage of the great food and service Holy Smokes has to offer.

 7508 Preston Hwy, Louisville, KY 40219


Restaurant, Italian

Located in the Brown Hotel, this elegant eatery offers classic breakfast and lunch dishes. The southern hospitality is evident the second you walk into the beautiful décor and smiling faces of the staff. Make sure to stop by for Sunday Brunch Buffet served from 10 AM – 1:30 PM featuring the smoked salmon, artisanal cheeses, omelet station, and more! Spend your morning in the contemporary classic setting balancing history with modern touches and cultured tastes.

  335 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202


Restaurant, Brewery, American

Jack Fry’s is an American-style restaurant that features pork chop dinners, brie salads, shrimp and grits, seared salmon, and much more! Prices are on the higher end but the quality of food and service makes it worth every penny. Jack Fry’s is perfect for an anniversary or Valentine’s celebration. Celebrate your night with Jack Fry and their elegant setting. Enjoy your meal with warm dim lighting, live piano, and amazing service!

 1007 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204


Restaurant, Diner, American

Treat your taste buds at Yummy Pollo and have some never-fried, Peruvian-style charcoal chicken. Yummy Pollo has a small but mouthwatering menu, so you know you can’t go wrong. Choose your size and type of chicken and match them with some of the best sides in Louisville. Yummy Pollo is a family-friendly restaurant that will make you feel right at home. Pick up some chicken and sides for the whole family on your way back home for a happy household!

 4222 Bishop Ln, Louisville, Ky 40218


Greek, Mediterranean, Restaurant

Can’t go wrong with some steak and bourbon! Check out the 70+ Bourbon selections and pair them with a locally selected cut for a great night out. Steak and Bourbon’s commitment to high-quality ingredients and genuine hospitality is what makes them stand apart from the competition. Looking to host a private dinner, business meeting, or celebration? Check out Steak and Bourbon’s Woodford Room for a private dining experience that can seat up to 50 people. The fantastic atmosphere and amazing service will have you coming back for more!

  1321 Herr Ln Ste.130, Louisville, KY 40222